A heady mix of pineapple and choice spices to create an addictive, super delicious,  must have panty ingredient. This is a versatile, a little-goes-a-long-way mix. Perfect for bbq, meat, fish, vegetables. Try it as a base for pineapple rice or couscous. Divine aroma.

Oosum Pineapple Mix

  • Level: Novice

    Prep time: 5 minutes

    Marinade: 30 minutes to overnight 

    Cooking time:

    30 minutes 


    Roasting tray

    Bowl or marinade bag (can use food safe plastic bag)


    4 medium sized fresh chicken legs (approx 475g)


    Oosum pineapple mix 

    vegetable oil (optional)

    oosum chilli flakes or fresh chopped chilli for heat (optional)


    Wash and part dry your chicken and place in a bowl or bag

    Sprinkle with salt (half a teaspoon or less, to taste)

    Add 2 tablespoons of Oosum Pineapple Mix 

    Add 2 tablespoon vegetable oil (optional)

    Add fresh chopped chilli or a teaspoon of Oosum chilli flakes (optional)

    Mix thoroughly, cover and place in the fridge to marinade 

    Pre heat oven on 220F

    Place chicken on your lightly  oiled tray and into the oven.

    Reduce heat to 180F and roast for 25 - 30mins, until fluid runs clear.

    Remove from over and let stand for 5 minutes before serving.

    Enjoy with salad, potatoes, rice and more.