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Spicy pineapple vegetable feast

A vegetable feast. A delight to behold. 'Zing up' your choice of vegetables. Stir fry with our mango or pineapple spice mix. Heaven on earth.

Coconut rice

A flavour-full, aromatic quick and easy dish. A great accompaniment to many sauces and soups. Oosum coconut rice blend, simply added to your rice. Achieve pro-like results in minutes.

Hot and Spicy Beef Suya Kebab

A signature dish for those sit in evenings and social gatherings. SUYA is a bonding dish! A peanut based spicy mix that transforms meat, fish or vegetables to exciting.

Moi Moi double decker sandwich

A fully loaded high protein sandwich. Made with cold Moi Moi, choice bacon and green leaf salad. Perfect with left over Moi Moi.

Moi Moi

A protein-rich black eyed bean pudding, that punches above it's weight. Excellent source of protein. Brilliant as tofu substitute. Wow at your dinner party

Roasted Pureed Sweet Potato with Coconut

Roasted pureed sweet potato with coconut rice blend. A decadent main or side dish. Oosum coconut rice mix takes your simple sweet potato to unbelievable heights of delight. Served with barbequed peanut suya beef. Easy to make. Suitable for vegan.

Mango Chilli Salmon

Easy, quick and delicious to make. Excellent accompanied with steamed new potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Jollof Rice

Iconic Jollof rice in minutes. Oosum Jollof rice blend gives the freshest and most authentic delivery of Jollof rice every time. No additives, colourings or preservatives. Just bring your oil, salt and seasoning.

Egusi (Melon seed) soup

Currently trending on Tiktok. Now made easy. A protein and nutrient dense blend. High in healthy fats, vitamins and more. Perfect for a low carb diet.

Coconut Vegetable Soup

A quick and delicious vegetable soup made using the ever-versatile Coconut Rice Blend. This warming dish is perfect for weekday nights and cool evenings.

Coconut Fried Rice

Coconut fried rice with prawns. A fail proof recipe made simple with Oosum Coconut Rice Blend.

Caramelised Prawn and Mussel Jollof

Smoky, gingery seafood pairs perfectly with the bright flavour of Oosum Jollof. We eat this with lightly steamed spring greens.