Egusi (Melon seed) soup

Egusi, melon seed soup made easy. A must have. Follow the trend.

Currently trending on Tiktok. Now made easy. A protein and nutrient dense blend. High in healthy fats, vitamins and more. Perfect for a low carb diet.

5 Servings

45 minutes


100g Oosum Egusi soup blend. 

500g Assorted cooked meat with stock 

100g Smoked fish, washed and de-boned

50g stockfish (optional) 

3-4 tablespoons of Palm or olive oil 

200g of washed bitterleaf or 300g of chopped spinach (ugu/pumpkin leaf)

100g of fresh shrimps

50g of mushrooms -sliced

200ml (if using bouillion) or 350ml of boiling water

Salt, seasoning cube or bouillion and chilli pepper to taste


Add choice of cooked meat and cooked stock fish with stock to a medium sized pot. Add bitter leaf, sinach, chilli, shrimps, oil and boiling water. Cover and cook for 8 minutes. Gently stir in Oosum Egusi soup blend, cover and cook for 5 -8 minutes. Add spinach/ugu and cook for 1 minute. Remove from heat. Leave to rest for five minutes. Serve hot with choice of fufu, steamed plantain, rice, potatoes or yam.