Moi Moi

This simple, yet tasty heritage icon has been made easy. Do a quick vegan moi moi.

A protein-rich black eyed bean pudding, that punches above it's weight. Excellent source of protein. Brilliant as tofu substitute. Wow at your dinner party

3 servings

55 -60 minutes



Oosum moi moi mix, warm water, vegetable oil, salt, chilli pepper (optional)


Add 100g of Oosum Moi moi mix and 300ml of warm tepid water. Add 15ml of vegetable oil, salt and chilli pepper to taste. Mix thoroughly, incorporating as much air as possible. Keep mixing until a smooth, runny consistency is achieved. Pour into well oiled ramekins or baking tins or leaf. Allow room for pudding to rise. Place in a steamer for 40-45mins, cover tightly, until firm. If using the microwave or baking in an oven, place in a tray of hot water, to prevent pudding from drying out. Microwave 5-7 minutes. Oven bake at 300 F/200C for 1 hour or until firm. DO NOT USE FOIL OR PLASTIC BAGS FOR MIXTURE, EXCEPT WHERE CLEARLY MARKED AS FOOD SAFE..