A choice selection of some of our finest and most popular of Oosum artisan creations. Packaged in an elegant, beautiful red  or green hessian bag. Finished off with our signature ribbon. Our bags are reusable and a wonderful way to store food. They are both breathable and moisture absorbent, and environmentally kind.

A perfect gift for most occasions. Back to  university or at university, house warming, valentine, birthday, thinking of you and more.

In the bag:

Oosum Jollof Rice Blend 

Oosum Decadent Coconut Rice Blend 

Oosum Moi Moi (bean pudding) mix or Vegan (choose)

Oosum Pineapple Spice Mix

Oosum Premuim Garlic Powder 

Oosum Onion Powder 

A complimentary soufflé dish

Deluxe Luxury Hamper

SKU: 54.99